Monday, January 23, 2017


               Welcome  To Room 19 - 2017


Friday, December 16, 2016

Au revoir - Soar High

                                 Thank- you Room 9 and 'Soar high'

Room 9 you are the best learners in the whole wide world and I am very proud of your efforts, enthusiasm to learn more and never giving up when it was hard. 

It was very hard to let you go my lovely angels but you are so ready to leave my nest and  'Soar high'

I will see you around next year. 

Have a lovely break and a very Merry Christmas!

Lots of love - Mrs. Dhillon

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas tree stories by Room 9

                           Life through Christmas trees eyes.

Room 9 wrote beautiful stories on how Christmas trees feel during Christmas time. Children had to pretend that they were Christmas trees and to think what it might feel. Who says 6 year olds cannot think deeply and creatively? Here is their amazing work and please do let us know what do you think about their work.

I am a Christmas tree. I live in a forest with my family. One day my sister was chopped off. I`m scared for my turn. One day it was my turn. I saw chopping thing, then it sliced through me! ZZZZZZZ! I got delivered to a home, it was decorated. Then they decorated me. I was happy here. Now Christmas was over! And they took the decorations  off me! And I was thrown into the forest!   Jayda

I am a big Christmas tree. I was looking beautiful. I was growing tall. Then a big tough man trotted with a chainsaw. He chopped down one of my friend. Next it was my turn to be chopped down. I was scared because I don’t like falling down. After that they put me in a huge truck. The man drove to a shop. The man put me down at a spot and he went home. Finally one family came to buy me, and they put me at the back of the car. The Dad drove the car to their home. They took me out of the car and put me in the living room. Then I got happy because they decorated me. The family went to sleep and Santa came, he put presents under me.                Davit

I am a Christmas tree in the forest, with my family and friends. One day I heard a noise, it  was a chainsaw. It said ZZZZZZZZZ! They had their headphones on. One night I was gone. I woke up in a big van, it was driving me to a new house. When I got delivered inside the little children decorated me and they got their presents. The next morning it was the end of Christmas but I wish I never leave it because it was fun. That’s why I didn’t want to leave the house because it was fun.      Pekama

One day someone planted me and when I grew up, YUP,  a man was talking, then the man started chopping me. They took me to someone’s house. I felt happy because little kids smiled. But after Christmas I rotted and died.

I am a Christmas tree and one day I saw my friends get cut off and then I got cut off too. It went buzzzzzzzz. I closed my eyes and opened my eyes back up. And I saw lots of decorations on me and I saw lots of happy kids. I was happy because I was a sparkly Christmas tree. Dylan

I  am a Christmas tree, I don’t like when it is Christmas time but when I make the children happy, I like it.
One day I was growing beautifully but then my friend got killed by a chainsaw and then my Mum ZZZZZZZ. I couldn’t see my Mum. Then it was my turn ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!,  then I got taken to a shop for someone to buy. I got put in a bucket for the children. They decorated me and put candy canes on me. And the Christmas was over. I rotted and died. Oh!          Finn

I am a tree in the forest and I got to play with my friends but one day a man came and chopped me down and chopped my friends and my family down too. I was sacred when I got chopped off. I felt sad. I got delivered to another home and I had a big, big family. I got decorated by the new family and I was looking kind of pretty. Merry Christmas!                              Kylah

I am a merry Christmas tree. I live in a forest with my family and I play with my friends. Suddenly someone was stomping, it was a man. He cut some of my friends. The next day it was my turn! When I got cut off, I had a new home. I saw kids, they were decorating me because it was merry Christmas and I love Christmas. Next day they put angels on me. I was a happy tree.           Moa

I am a Christmas tree. I live in a forest. I was excited when I got chopped off because I would live in a new home and I would be decorated. On the top I would like a star and I want fairies on me.                         Generous

One day I got sad because I got chopped, I was a tree. Then It was Christmas and I had presents under me and stuff over me. Then I got where I was because Christmas was over. I saw Mum and Dad.                         Junior

I was excited because little boys and girls would decorate me and also they would love me. They will put a golden star.                                                    Aaliyah

I am a Christmas tree. I live in a dark forest with my family. But one day a ginormous truck came to deliver  big huge Christmas trees for the other countries. One day a tree was missing and it was a warning to me! zzzzzzz. I got delivered as well to Australia, and the other trees to Samoa and Tonga. The trees in New Zealand were worried  about the other trees. But I was decorated in somebody’s house. But what happened, I ran away from Australia back to New Zealand on a plane. Then I was finally back in New Zealand.                             Hazel

I am a Christmas tree. Last Christmas I was chosen, I was sad because I was moving away from my family of trees. But when I saw children I felt happy. They ran around me and decorated me. When it was Christmas day there were presents under me and I felt happy. After Christmas I was a seed again.                  Maeghan  


          Santa could not resist visiting little elves. 

KAPA HAKA - Room 9 made history!!

                                                            Kapa Haka
We made history!! Yes, the whole class was part of the junior Kapa Haka and the whole class performed at Onepoto Festival. It has never ever happened at our School before and might not have happened anywhere else in the world. I am very proud of my children.
Here are some of the proud moments . Thanks Kylie and Dan for sharing the priceless moments.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pasifika Day

                                                          Pasifika Day

Pasifika Day was amazing. We had experts in our Room to share their beautiful cultures with us. Maria and Mariko  shared beautiful things from their culture. Our home country was Tonga and it was wonderful to see children and teachers in Pasifika mood.

Maria sharing artefacts from Samoa

Mariko showing Hanten jacket. It is worn over Kimono.

My lovely angel sharing Tapa cloth from Tonga.

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Ms. Christie - relishing Pasifika delicacies.


Ms. Walker as a Pasifika princess!